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Ishwari : The Ascended
Bullet; Green Date: (1/25/17) Bullet; Green 
>> Modified: [Date:] What was modified. 

= Personal Information =

Full Name: Ishwari 
Meaning: Hindu for Goddess, Ruler
Pronunciation: ish-wary
Nickname/Alias: Ari to those close to her

Rank: Follower
Notability: 0
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
Horoscope: Scorpio

Voice: Lana Parilla
Theme Song: I Miss the Misery-Halestorm

= Appearance Information = 

Age: 3
Breeds: Doberman x Pharaoh Hound
Sex: Female

Eye Color: Amber
Weight: 59 lbs
Height: 24 in
Type of Build: Tall and Thin, but Athletic
Smell: An overpowering scent of Rose

Handicaps/Disabilities: N/A

= Personality Information =

Overview: A dog who is provocative, she loves annoying others even though she's standoffish. These are two contrasting traits but if you know Ishwari, then you can easily see how they compliment each other. Her mind is constantly calculating the situation she is in and once all the pieces fall into place, next her shrewdness takes over. You can see the thoughts churning in her brain as she comes up with answers piece by piece like a puzzle. She is clever and she won't let you forget it. Cleverness means that she is quick to understand unlike intelligence, which is the ability to acquire knowledge. Everyone can obtain knowledge but not everyone can understand it quickly. Even if Ishwari struggles with learning, she'll master it much sooner than most other dogs. Determination is a trait that shines through her; some would consider this stubbornness but it's not the same thing. Ishwari knows her purpose, knows what she wants and she has the willpower to power through her struggle and achieve what she wants. She's not necessarily stubborn though, her mind can be changed and she's not unmoving in her beliefs. Though she's uncommunicative, Ishwari is ambitious and will not settle for something that is in her eyes, a low ball. Communication is a difficult point for Ishwari. Her way to convey what she wants to say is done differently and more often then not, many dogs don't understand her. Therefore, they prefer to avoid her or ignore her but anyone who truly knows Ishwari is that she communicates differently. 
Nature: Sly


Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimist
    Why? >> Why mask the truth with false hope? 
Introvert or Extrovert: Both
    Why? >>  She prefers to keep her own problems and thoughts a secret,  but at the same time she is up in others business trying to find their strengths and weaknesses.

Drives & Motives: 
-Being Noticed/Praised (Especially by higher ranking dogs)

Pet Peeves:
-Overly Religious Dogs

Mental Illness: N/A

= Stats =

Health Points (HP): 10

      > Strength (STR): 7
      >Dexterity (DEX): 12
      >Intelligence (INT): 11
      >Wisdom (WIS): 10
      >Constitution (CON): 10

= Background Information =  

    Ishwari was born in a land far away from the Following, in a Zonje-obsessed cult, perhaps even more religious than the Following itself. She was sired by the High King Acasi, the 'lord' of the cult. Her mother, on the other hand, was a lower ranking huntress who Acasi had taken a fancy to. Laurel however disliked Acasi but him being the High King, he could do whatever he liked. He made Laurel his mate, forced to merely be a trophy at his side rather than a show of affection and love, like other mates were. The once happy Doberman sank into a depression as Acasi forced her to do his will, whether he liked it or not. And eventually, Acasi wanted Laurel to bear him pups, to give him a worthy heir. Laurel obeyed, for what else could she do? When the effects of pregnancy finally began to show on the slender Laurel, her depression only grew stronger. She no longer would do anything, much to Acasi's dislike. He began to abuse her when she didn't do what he asked, beginning with small snaps at her ears and legs but then growing into more violent motions, like tearing at her back and flanks. The brute wanted her dead and gone, but he knew he had to keep her for the pups. Eventually, Laurel was ready to give birth. When all was done, Laurel had given birth to three small females. Furious with Laurel for not birthing a male, Acasi went into a frenzy and killed all three of the newborns right before her eyes. He gave a beating to the already battered Laurel and demanded that she would no matter what give him a brute next time.
    They repeated the process again, Acasi bullying her into a horrible state for the entire year, just barely keeping her alive. You could think of it like holding someone underwater, almost to the point of drowning but then pulling them up for air before letting the water consume them again. Laurel fell into an even deeper slum, not even speaking or eating for lengths of time, not even accepting anything from her mother. When Laurel's belly grew swollen for the second time, she tried to run, get away from the horrible place but she was caught trying to escape. After that, Acasi took measures to the extreme, throwing the Doberman into a tight cave and rolling a boulder in front of it, preventing her from doing really anything, even turning around. Finally the puppies came, and this time, two males and one female.
    Acasi's first thought was to kill the female puppy, but Laurel begged him not to. He decided to let her live and focus on the males instead. As soon as the male pups, who had been named Skotó and Vieti, began to walk about, Acasi took them away from Laurel and trained them both relentlessly. He drilled hunting, fighting, and defensive maneuvers into both males, while Laurel took care of Ishwari. With the help of Laurel's childhood friend, Bastian, they taught Ishwari how to take care of herself, such as hunting and defense, but not so violent as Acasi taught her brothers. It was a much more natural and gentle way to go about it, but it still instilled skills into the young female. Laurel never let Ishwari meet her father, and Acasi never let his sons meet their mother.
    Finally, when their first birthday had come about, Acasi called a meeting to decide the new heir. He announced to the pack that Vieti and Skotó would have to fight each other to the death to become heir to his throne. No one had been expecting this, not even the brothers. They had bonded closely, in a friendly-competitive way all brothers do. But both desperately wanted their father's title and position, so they agreed to the fight. Laurel quickly found Bastian and told him that when the fight started, he was to take Ishwari and run, then leave her at the pack borders before returning, hopefully before anyone noticed. Ishwari reluctantly agreed, not wanting to leave her mother but knew it was best. So when the fighting began, Laurel returned to the scene while Bastian quickly led Ishwari away. But Ishwari sensed something wrong hen they were about halfway to the borders and she suddenly spun around and ran back with out a word. She got to the group and pushed her way through the throng of dogs just as she caught Skotó pinning Vieti to the dirt, both snarling viciously. But just as Skotó went to plunge his fangs in to his own brother's neck, Laurel let out a cry and lunged at her son, throwing him off. But Vieti, blinded by his own blood, felt himself freed and chose to strike, pushing upwards, jaws closing around his mother's throat. Chaos struck as Vieti realized he had killed his mother instead of Skotó, and he turned and flung himself at the other brother. The two tussled with each other as Ishwari and Bastian rushed to tend to Laurel, but she was gone. A newfound fury sparked inside of Ishwari, and she suddenly flung herself at Acasi, cursing and screeching nonsense. The anger and sadness had taken over. 
    Miraculously, she defeated her father with surprise, and Vieti had killed Skotó. The pack had already been crowded around the fighting dogs, but when Ishwari stepped back from their Leader, instead of attacking her, they all bowed, howled, showed some form of respect or congratulations, and it dawned on her. She was their new Ruler. The next few days went by in a blur, since the death of her mother took a large toll on Ishwari. Bastian stayed by her side to assist her as the new High Queen, but Ishwari did nearly nothing. She was suddenly crowned with jewels and headdresses, jewelry and pelts, but the young dog was lost in grief. She did banish Vieti to the desert, but that was really all she did as leader. One day she called a meeting, and Ishwari appointed Bastian as the new High King. And with that, she disappeared into the desert. 
    For a good year or so, Ishwari spent life as a loner, exploring the desert and its inhabitants. She came across a few dogs, but they always split paths. She survived off of the meager amounts of water she found, and small prey like lizards. One day, Ishwari came across a strong scent of multiple dogs and decided to follow it, which led her to the Ascended. Being around other like her, she noticed her personality had changed, from being quiet and thoughtful to snappy and ambitious. The she-dog suddenly felt the need to rise in the ranks, like she had so long ago.

= Relationships =

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Bullet; Green || Friend  
Bullet; Green Bullet; Green || Kin

Bullet; Purple || Pity 
Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple || Relates to/Understands
Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple || Feels Uncomfortable Around 

Bullet; Yellow || Suspicious 
Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Yellow || Fear 

Bullet; Orange || Respect 
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange || Feels Responsible For
Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange | Dependent On

Bullet; Red || Trust

Bullet; Pink || Attraction 
Bullet; Pink Bullet; Pink || Lust

Bullet; White || Approve
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White  || Platonic Love

Bullet; Black || Disapprove 
Bullet; Black  Bullet; Black || Loathe

Heart || Mate
Skull and Crossbones  ||Dead/missing

Name of Character | Description of Relationship.

1. Laurel | Mother | Bullet; Green Bullet; Green | Bullet; WhiteBullet; White | Bullet; White | Bullet; Orange Bullet; Orange | Bullet; Orange | Skull and Crossbones 
I loved you so much, mother. You loved me back with all your heart and I will keep you in my mind forever.
2. Acasi | Father | Bullet; Green Bullet; Green | Bullet; Black | Bullet; BlackBullet; Black | Skull and Crossbones 
You were a cruel one, who corrupted my brothers and tore my family apart. I could never forgive you, even if you were here now.
3. Skotó | Brother | Bullet; Green Bullet; Green | Bullet; Black | Skull and Crossbones
I can't blame you for your actions, since father made you, but I wish you still lived. You didn't need to die so young.
4. Vieti | Brother | Bullet; Green Bullet; Green | Bullet; Black | Bullet; Yellow
I wasn't happy with what you did, but I didn't have the heart to kill you then. I hope you turned out different from what I saw in you.
5. Bastian | Adoptive Father | Bullet; Green | Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple | Bullet; White | Bullet; WhiteBullet; White | Bullet; Orange | Bullet; Red
You helped train and raise me, you were a better father then he ever was.

.Pack Mates.
1. Name of Character | Description of Relationship. 

1. Name of Character | Description of Relationship. 

= Availability =

Timezone: EST

Hours Available: 5-9 pm on weekdays, pretty much all day weekends
Types of Availability: Notes, Comments, Google Docs

Lines and Writing (c) Me
Color and Design (c) unknowntalent
<da:thumb id="654174020"/>
German Shepherd Puppy Adopts (closed)
They are 20 Points  each!

-Points only
-First come, first serve.
-You can hold for up to three days.
-Credit me for the design.
-Once you've bought it, you can do minor changes like add accessories, scars, etc., but nothing big like markings.
-You can choose the name and gender.
-Do not resell!

-I may accept art trades.
-You may buy as many as you'd like.
-I can do customs for an extra 20 Points 

1. Zero669 
2. Zero669
3. Zero669

Lines (c) Canidae-Mayhem 
Design (c) Me
Check these out:

Closed| Canine Adopts | The Feral Packs | WTA by Cirrue

You submit an application for one you like, and then if you win, you become a member of TheFeralPacks!

Go check it out

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